Being a real estate professional,
I understand valuations and how to invest capital to maximize return. But, real estate is all I know. Is there something else I should be doing, like creating a long-term financial and investment plan? Where do I start?

How should I manage & view my debt?

Taking on debt, whether it be a car loan, or a commercial mortgage in the case of many Real Estate pros has become a common, and expected part of most financial pictures. The real estate professionals that Ferris Capital deals with, tend to use the firm to look through their entire portfolio to determine whether debt in their specific case makes sense, or can be better served in another asset bucket in their overall allocation. We remind clients that looking at this as "leverage" vs. "debts" when properly thought out can be a useful component to financial planning if used correctly.

Ferris Capital also will look at real estate held by the professional as an asset class in and of itself. In the event a client has a larger portion of real estate holdings that are producing income, our firm will look at this when constructing a bond allocation in their managed accounts (a proxy).

What are some investment strategies I should consider as a entrepreneur?

Real Estate Professionals that are in business for themselves need to look at many angles and strategies to ensure their finanical health is not put into jeopardy by unnecessary risks. Ferris Capital always takes a consultative approach to their clients that are business owners or perhaps over-concentrated to a particular industry or sector.

Items of consideration may inclue:

  • Establishing a "Safety Net"
  • Looking beyond your own business for investment opportunities
  • Ensuring diversification in sectors, and asset class within the entire portfolio
  • Using "Leverage" to your advantage, and looking at debt as part of your entire picture
  • Taking a holistic approach to asset allocation when it comes to Real Estate held away from the firm, specifically in the bond allocation phase of portfolio construction

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The Ferris Capital Process

We firmly believe that the best results come from a consistent process with a thoughtful design.

We use low cost ETFs, mutual funds, individual bonds, and stocks to build custom portfolios for our clients that are in line with their larger financial plan. We always seek to use the lowest fee, most efficient investment vehicles possible and to utilize best of class managers when they offer more value than an index or ETF.

Understand Your Goals and Financial Situation 

Ferris Capital meets with you to fully understand your goals, time horizon, anticipated cash flows, and feelings towards investments in general . We also conduct an in-depth evaluation of your total financial picture including insurance, wills, trusts, 
and employee benefit options.

Create a Financial Plan Tailored to Your Goals

Ferris Capital works with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that positions you with the highest probability of success in meeting your goals. The plan includes goal-driven asset allocations, tax sensitivity, long-term estate planning, and overall 
risk management.

Establish the Proper Accounts and Legal Structures

If applicable, Ferris Capital can direct you to top notch accountants and attorneys or work with your existing relationships to formulate and execute the structures and strategies to best protect your assets from taxes and liability. 

Current Investment Evaluation and Tax Analysis 

We analyze your current holdings to see if there are any embedded taxable gains or additional issues that should be considered in building your portfolio. If there are any issues, we will construct the investment portfolio to address those issues specifically and potentially use the existing investment as proxies to our investment model choices. 

Portfolio Construction

Using the risk profile from the financial plan and the considerations from the analysis of your existing assets, we manage your capital in one of our strategies that corresponds with your risk level which are designed using our proprietary market outlook, historical asset class performance, manager interviews and internal expenses. 

Ongoing Maintenance, Monitoring, and Reporting 

Ferris Capital monitors market and portfolio changes and keeps you informed on performance, risk and goals-based progress through quarterly calls or meetings. We also look to address any liquidity needs or life changes that may impact the long-term financial plan. 

Why Ferris Capital?

All investment firms offer “financial planning”. However, not all investment firms are bound by the fiduciary standard and not all firms are conflict free. Ultimately the most important difference between firms comes down to the people, their experience, and the service they provide.

At Ferris Capital, our independence ensures that your interests always come first. We believe that transparency and integrity are critical to building long-term relationships. We’re devoted to a client experience that revolves around the needs of you and your family, not around commissions.

Our work doesn’t end with a financial plan; that’s where it begins.


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